About Us

Who We Are
Sydney Port Logistics was founded in May 2014 by Ignatios Tsiriplis.

Having worked in the industry for over 15 years for various carrier’s and logistic companies including, CEVA, Aurizon  & CRT, Ignatios accumulated a wealth of knowledge on process’s, procedures and policies. It was this experience that gave Ignatios an idea that it can be done easier, faster and better.

With that simple idea Sydney Port Logistics was born, founded on that principle we still go by today, exceed customer expectations while working more efficiently, that it’s just plain simple and that’s the experience we strive to give the customer, logistics made from Point A to Point B. Simple…

This is who, what and why we are, it’s what makes us work like a clock, we treat our clients, staff, subcontractors,  stakeholders, our community as one, one big family. We are diverse, multicultural, young and old, we share experience and continuously learn and grow each day.
We don’t just do good service, we provide a positive experience.


What We Do

Sydney Port Logistics is a Carrier and 3rd Party Transportation provider,
offering innovative customized supply chain solutions to manufacturers,
importers and exporters worldwide.

We work hard to build lasting relationships, which come from focusing on business needs,
goals and priorities of our valued clients.

Mission Statement

To provide our employees, customers, vendors and colleagues the assurance of integrity and honesty,
in every aspect of our company and from EVERYONE they are associated with at Sydney Port Logistics.

How do we achieve our goal?

• We will develop an honest relationship with everyone we deal with in every aspect of our business.

• We discuss an opportunity and determine if it fits our needs and we make sure we can handle the business.

• We will turn you down before we let you down. When we say we will handle it, you know we are going to handle it.

• We have processes in place to do every job correctly. However, if we are in the wrong, we admit it and accept the
consequences. But more importantly, we take action to remedy the situation and we learn from it.

• We provide our partners with astonishing customer service from accepting, tracking and invoicing the customer’s loads.

• We utilize only safe and qualified drivers that meet our equipment requirements, so that our customer’s are proud to be partners with Sydney Port Logistics.